Posted on: November 14, 2008 3:28 pm

Comparisons are Futile

Did you hear the Jets won last night?  Apparently Brett Favre picked the team up, put them all on his back and won the game.  That Brett Favre sure is a super hero.  No one, and I mean NO ONE else could've done what he has done with the Jets this year, he truly is a savior, the Packers were stupid for letting him go, blah blah blah.

I'm down right sick and tired of reading crap like this.  It was inevitable the way the whole situation went down but the Packers are NOT better off with Brett Favre, I repeat NOT BETTER OFF WITH BRETT FAVRE.  Yet some "Packer Fans" come to the games at Lambeau field wearing Jet Favre jerseys.  The same fans that make excuses for Brett's 3-7 or 2-8 postseason record in his last 10 games.  Facts are facts, he was a great QB, he just doesn't have what it takes to get to the next level any more.  He's playing OK now, but I wouldn't say he's playing great by any stretch of the imagination.  He has a good defense, decent running game and decent receivers as a result of the free agent acquisitions the Jets made this offseason - including #4 not exclusively #4.  Lets see how he handles the games once the December chill comes around again.  He was absolutely miserable in the NFC Championship game last year.   Yes it was cold, but 70,000+ fans sat IDLE in the stands in that same temperature (I was one of them), and all Brett wanted to do was get off of that field - you could see it in his face and body language.Is it warm in New York all year long?

Are the Packer's "paying the price for letting a legend go?"  No, they are showing signs of an injury riddled team with an inexperienced QB.  Rodgers has performed above expectations this year, in my opinion.  Has he made mistakes?  Sure, but which QB hasn't?  The key in this equation is the Packers know what the future holds at the QB position.  This will allow them to better position themselves through the draft and free agency to focus on other needs, i.e., defensive line, defensive backs, offensive line, etc. 

The Pack is 4-5 with 7 games left.  6-1 is a real possibility, with 2 games versus the Bears, who I think are their biggest competition right now.  MN is winning, but it won't last starting this week versus Tampa.

Lets end the talk about "what if" and what the Pack should've done.  It's OVER, let it go.  Besides the better the Jets do the better draft pick the Pack gets.  What do the Jets do next year at the QB position?  Have fun with all of that drama.  I loved Brett when he was here, but it was time to move on and I'm glad we did.  GO PACK GO!

Posted on: September 30, 2008 5:39 pm

Another Big Blow

Al Harris is already out for an extended period of time.  What's next?  Well...It was announced today that Cullen Jenkins is being placed on IR due to a torn pectoral muscle.  This is a big blow to the defensive line of the Packers.  Cullen brought a constant motor and drive to every play, similar to Aaron Kampman.  Last I checked Justin Harrell was on the PUP list and could come back in week 6...hopefully he comes back and proves TT right in drafting him the first round last year.  His presence will be needed on the line with the loss of Jenkins.

The Pack has other worries as well.  Their running game is pretty much non-existent, multiple penalties are becoming a every week occurence and Derrick Frost is one of the worst punters in the league.  Ryan Grant needs to sit if he is not healthy as he is not hitting the cutback lanes like he did last year.  This may be due to injury or he's just not seeing them, regardless of what the reason, he needs to improve and quickly.  Without the running game as a threat Aaron Rodgers will be a sitting duck, as evidenced by the Buccaneers game.  I think McCarthy is a good coach, it will show this week.

Posted on: September 22, 2008 4:45 pm

Loss to a good team

The Cowboys showed America and the rest of the NFL who the better team was last night.  Their defense was impressive, getting consistent pressure on Aaron Rodgers with and without blitzes, and the offense showed it's not always the TO show.  Miles Austin played a heck of a game and Romo had some great passes.  The Packers played well overall defensively.  Yes they gave up a big play late, but they were also on the field too much during the game.  It's obvious Ryan Grant isn't 100% as the running game lacked commitment from the coaching staff and Brandon Jackson relieved Grant several times throughout the game. 

To win this game I think the Pack needed to be more committed to the run early.  A team also cannot get into the redzone and kick field goals, it is critical to punch it in the endzone, especially when playing an explosive team like Dallas.

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Posted on: September 18, 2008 10:22 am
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Big D comes to LA LA LA LA LAMBEAU

The Cowboys are in town this week for a show down with the Packers at hallowed Lambeau Field.  The Cowboys are coming off an exhilarating win versus the Eagles on Monday night by a score of 41-37.  The Pack is also coming off a division win versus the Lions of Detroit.  The Pack showed resiliency as they found themselves down in the 4th quarter after dominating the first half.  Rodgers drove the team down for a FG to put them up 27-25 and then the defense took over with 3 INTs, two of which were returned for touchdowns to close the book on Kitna and the Lions.  It was good to come out of Detroit with a win as the Packers always seem to have a tough time playing there.  At the same time it was also a little concerning that Detroit was able to come back in that game the way they did.  With Atari Bigby out the middle of the field was targeted and Calvin Johnson lit up the secondary for two scores with his second TD putting the Lions up by 1 (as the result of a botched punt from our new punter Frost).  Hopefully the middle isn't as wide open as it was last weekend when Dallas comes to town or Witten will have 3 TDs and over 150 yards.  The big matchup to watch will be Harris versus TO, both physical guys.  If TO can do to Harris what Plax did in the NFC Championship game, the Pack will be in trouble.  If Harris can stick to him and the Pack gets a good pass rush on Romo, I think the Pack comes out on top. Offensively Rodgers needs to keep making good decisions and using his mobility to avoid the rush, a rush the Cowboys will most certainly intensify with blitzes on Sunday.  A healthy Ryan Grant should alleviate some of the pressure on Rodgers but if the running game stalls, the Boys will have a field day on Rodgers.  I think the Pack will be prepared and Rodgers will have a decent showing yet again.  Defensively they won't complete shut out Romo and TO, but hold them in check for a 31-27 win in front of the best fans in the NFL.
Posted on: August 9, 2008 3:48 pm

What will the future bring?

Mark down the date: Wednesday August 6, 2008 Brett Favre was traded to the New York Jets.  Only time will tell if this move made sense for Packertown but the question is will Green Bay allow time to get the question answered?  Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and the other football guys sitting in hallowed 1265 Lombardi Ave determined that Favre could no longer bring another title back to Titletown (according to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).  Ted Thompson has made all of the right moves up to this point, but the NFL is a "what haHe's had his time behind #4...can he take advantage of his time now that it has come?ve you done for me lately" type of league so nothing matters if after this point the results aren't positive. 

TT and MM have faith in A-Rog to get the job done, but what happens if he can't get the job done or worse yet gets injured early in the season?  I wish Aaron the best of luck, he'll certainly need it but I can't help but think he's getting set up to fail.  He's been a professional throughout this whole ordeal, but that will all be forgotten if he can't get it done where it counts, on the football field.  Hopefully he'll be able to handle the scrutiny and criticism that comes with being a starting QB in the NFL, no less the QB that suceeded Brett Favre, as well as he handled everything to this point.  Like it or not Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy and Mark Murphy will be measured and weighed by how Aaron Rodgers plays this season.  Is that fair?  Probably not, but the NFL isn't fair.

Being a Packer fan I remain optimistic and will look forward to A-Rog bringing home the division title (ok, I'd settle for a Wild Card).



Posted on: July 21, 2008 2:33 pm

I like the trend

The Brewers made yet another trade prior to the deadline for Giants 2nd baseman Ray Durham.  In my opinion this immediately improves their offense, which it was supposed to do.  The Brew Crew no longer has the lowest batting average at .222 with Durham bringing his .293 to the team.  The Brewers front office is definitely going for it this year, evidenced first by the acquisition of CC Sabathia Welcome to Milwaukee Mr. Durham!and now Durham.  I hope they get some bullpen help though, as closing out games has been an achilles heel for them.  Not so much since Torres has started to save games, but the problem is getting to Torres.  Riske, Mota and Gagne don't always get the job done and that will hurt the playoff push.  I know Taschner's name has been thrown around, and I also wouldn't mind seeing Percival thrown in the mix, although the Rays are not likely to deal him.

I think Weeks will come around and the Prince seems to be heating up.  If this team gets hot at the right time and stays hot I think they will challenge for the division and at least take the wild card (fairly obvious and generic statement I'll admit).  Or maybe these are just the hopes of a Brewer Fan longing for post-season baseball in Milwaukee.

Posted on: July 15, 2008 3:01 pm

I still don't get it...

First off, why Fox News and why Greta Van Susteren?  Is that because Brett knew she wouldn't challenge him?  She added absolutely nothing to the interview.  Cris Carter or maybe Charles Barkley should've been interviewing him, someone who would actually challenge his actions so far.  I have undying love for Brett Favre, but this drama and the "he said, he said" high school antics need to stop.  Come back and prove you're the better QB as everyone believes you to be, win back the starting role.  The Packers front office has a job to put the best team on the field, if you are truly better than Rodgers theSee ya later Packer Fansn you'll play, just don't whine about being brought back as a back-up.  No NFL job is secure nor should it be gift-wrapped for you, especially with what has happened thus far.

There were questions that were not asked last night that should've been.  Such as:

  • Why did you call a press conference to retire, knowing full well you weren't committed to retirement?  The Packers may have asked for an answer prior to the draft, but the draft is in April and you retired March still had time to waflle in private.
  • What happened two weeks after your retirement announcement? You know when you said you'd come back, MM & TT were set to fly down to MS and announce good ol' Brett was coming back then you changed your mind 2 days prior to their departure?
  • Why make this a media circus?  Work this out with TT and MM in there really a need for a Part II of your interview?
  • Where would you like to play this year?
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Latest and Greatest on good ol' #4

I can't believe what is happening in Titletown, USA. Brett Favre, as reports have stated, has requested his release from the Packers. The Pack would be absolutely foolish to release Favre as he could very likely end up in Purple and Gold or Blue and Orange, not something any Packer fan wants to see. Interestingly Steve Young expressed his opinion on ESPN just a short while ago, stating that if the Pack did release Favre he believes, just to stick it to the Pack, that #4 would end up on one of those teams. As a lifelong Packer fan and Brett Favre fan this is very irritating news. Favre is again putting the Packer's between a rock and hard place by requesting his release and coming out of retirement. When will the saga finally end? Hopefully soon, as TT will most likely look to trade Favre to the highest bidder, as long as the highest bidder isn't in MN or IL.

Did I want to see Favre come back and play for the Pack? Absolutely, as I think he would have given the team the best chance to win right now; however he gave up that option when he decided to retire in March, in my opinion. What did he honestly think the Packers would do? Beg him to come back? Unless of course he simply wanted out and figured this was a way to achieve it. I'm still waiting to hear it right from the horses mouth and not through "reports." I want Brett to come into Green Bay and tell the fans he wants out. There will be quite a few fans that will want TT's head on a platter if Favre is released (not an option in my opinion) or traded (best case scenario for the Pack), but that would be the best option for the TEAM in my opinion. The team and a lot of the fans have moved on and are ready to start football AF (after Favre), lets write the final scene of this soap opera and trade him to an AFC team.
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