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Comparisons are Futile

Posted on: November 14, 2008 3:28 pm

Did you hear the Jets won last night?  Apparently Brett Favre picked the team up, put them all on his back and won the game.  That Brett Favre sure is a super hero.  No one, and I mean NO ONE else could've done what he has done with the Jets this year, he truly is a savior, the Packers were stupid for letting him go, blah blah blah.

I'm down right sick and tired of reading crap like this.  It was inevitable the way the whole situation went down but the Packers are NOT better off with Brett Favre, I repeat NOT BETTER OFF WITH BRETT FAVRE.  Yet some "Packer Fans" come to the games at Lambeau field wearing Jet Favre jerseys.  The same fans that make excuses for Brett's 3-7 or 2-8 postseason record in his last 10 games.  Facts are facts, he was a great QB, he just doesn't have what it takes to get to the next level any more.  He's playing OK now, but I wouldn't say he's playing great by any stretch of the imagination.  He has a good defense, decent running game and decent receivers as a result of the free agent acquisitions the Jets made this offseason - including #4 not exclusively #4.  Lets see how he handles the games once the December chill comes around again.  He was absolutely miserable in the NFC Championship game last year.   Yes it was cold, but 70,000+ fans sat IDLE in the stands in that same temperature (I was one of them), and all Brett wanted to do was get off of that field - you could see it in his face and body language.Is it warm in New York all year long?

Are the Packer's "paying the price for letting a legend go?"  No, they are showing signs of an injury riddled team with an inexperienced QB.  Rodgers has performed above expectations this year, in my opinion.  Has he made mistakes?  Sure, but which QB hasn't?  The key in this equation is the Packers know what the future holds at the QB position.  This will allow them to better position themselves through the draft and free agency to focus on other needs, i.e., defensive line, defensive backs, offensive line, etc. 

The Pack is 4-5 with 7 games left.  6-1 is a real possibility, with 2 games versus the Bears, who I think are their biggest competition right now.  MN is winning, but it won't last starting this week versus Tampa.

Lets end the talk about "what if" and what the Pack should've done.  It's OVER, let it go.  Besides the better the Jets do the better draft pick the Pack gets.  What do the Jets do next year at the QB position?  Have fun with all of that drama.  I loved Brett when he was here, but it was time to move on and I'm glad we did.  GO PACK GO!

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